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The Nitrogen in our DNA, the Calcium in our Teeth, the Iron in our Blood, the Carbon in our Apple Pies were made in the interiors of collapsing Stars. We are made of Star staff. 

–Carl Sagan 

From the words of Carl Sagan, it is clear that Physics, Chemistry and Biology all belong to basic sciences, aids in understanding a concept. In intermediate curriculum, these subjects are taught as separate subjects to get a better insight on these subjects. Amongst these three subjects, Students cite that Physics as the most difficult subject and numericals in physics are a real challenge to them. The major reason for this difficulty is , problem solving involves understanding the concepts in depth. Depending on the problem, the work flow required to solve it also  varies.

Problem solving becomes very easier, if this problem is similar to the previous problem and only the data differs (i.e numbers differ). In such a situation, required formula will be applied and the inputs in it are identified from the problem and hence the output is obtained. Most of the Physics problems in the competitive exam involves making a logical chain of decisions to connect a chain of concepts. This strategy varies from one problem to the other and will often lead from an unclear situation to a solution. A good problem solver will begin with understanding the problem first, getting to know about the inputs given and tries to break the problem in to much smaller steps and then solve each of them to arrive at a conclusion.